Château de Détilly has a long history. The original mediaeval château was constructed on the site of a Roman villa called Villa Destilliacus – hence the name Destilly (now Détilly) given to the château and subsequently to the neighbouring hamlet.

The original château had many owners over the centuries and was placed under the authority of the royal castle of Chinon.

In 1562, it was taken and burnt down by the Huguenots, leaving only some parts of buildings and the 13thC. chapel.

The current château was built out of the traditional Loire Valley stone “tuffeau” at the end of the French Renaissance period, between 1590 and 1610, in a pure and classical style.

Long in the de Valori family, it was bought after World War II by resistance leader and industrialist Jean Worms, then in 1991 by the famous and infamous Alfred Sirven, a very prominent director of the then leading French oil company Elf.

Finally it was acquired in 2001 by an Anglo-American couple, before being purchased mid-2020 by the current owners, a French-Australian couple passionate about historical buildings and fine French living.

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